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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

The thing is the fanbase they had wasn't that big, especially compared to ratings for other shows on other networks and the CW. Smallville has constantly dropped in viewership season after season, so the fact that they were allowed to finish the series on their terms as opposed to being cancelled is something tht we should all be grateful for.

Not to mention, the show has now become a Superman show, so if they had wanted an eleventh season, it would not have been about Clark being Superman with the tights and flights because now it would be a different show and they would have to raise the bar to a level where it would consistently have to be on par with episodes such as Absolute Justice on a weekly basis, in terms of storyline and hero presence. And Smallville was never really about that. And with the low budget they already had, there's no way they could've built it for another season or two.

But I agree, I know it will be hard to get into the comics, especially since I've never been much of a comic book reader, and all of the magic that comes from seeing Tom and Erica on screen on a weekly basis is not going to be there. I just hope they come up with some cool stories and art styles that do the show some justice.

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