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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 1

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So Golden Boy has offered Donaire $3M to fight Mares but it looks like Arum is not going to let it happen. This is for anyone who thinks Floyd/Manny didn't happen because of either of those guys. The problem is and always will be Bob Arum. If you are not in his stable, he's reluctant to have any of his fighters dance with you. I don't think we will see Donaire fight Mares, but I think he'd fight Rigo because they are both Top Rank guys. I also think Donaire beats them both but there really isn't any great fighters in that weight class. Donaire should go up in weight in order to be a bigger name. I think its even debatable whether he's top 5 p4p. He really hasn't fought anyone significant for a few years now.
Called it. Donaire/Rigo set for April. Again, anyone who can't see Bob Arum for the weasel he is doesn't want to see it. He's the main reason Paq never fought Mayweather. He only seems to fight in house guys so he can rob them both. Donaire in 7 though. He really needs to go up in weight.

I can't believe Floyd is fighting the Ghost. This is why a lot of people think he cherry picks his opponents. I remember when Ghost first came back and went up two weight classes that his name was mentioned as a Floyd opponent, now its confirmed. As much as I like Floyd, he really should fight a Canelo, a Garcia, a Martinez, or even a Keith Thurman.

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