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Default Re: "Gambit" starring Channing Tatum? - Part 3

It's pretty clear Gambit is slated to be the next Wolverine "loner with a dark past" type in the X-Men film mythology (quite possibly X-Force).

Again, why does his age in relation to the actor currently playing Xavier matter in relation to Gambit's use in the franchise films?

Xavier was in his 40's in the 80's-set DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, so he'd be considerably older if Gambit's storyline occurs in the present. So they're not likely to be the same age as characters, even if the actors happen to be of a similar age.

Nor would Gambit necessarily be that much older than say, Scott Summers and Jean Grey from DOFP. If the Gambit movies happen in the present, then Scott and Jean would be close to the same age as Gambit. Beast would be older.

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