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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

No black ops team. No 10,000 support soldiers. It should be Nick Fury's hero team for superpowered threats - not terrorist ones of any kind.

Nick has already begun putting together the team and already has Hawkeye and Black Widow on board as non-superpowered agents who can nonetheless do what they do better than anyone alive. Then he goes to Stark (as the first emergence of a civilian superhero style person), who in turn goes to Ross. Then the emergence in the public eye of Iron Man prompts Giant-Man's movie/foray into self experimentation with his discovery of Pym Particles. This attracts Fury's attention, so he gets approached too (at which point he has been forced to infuse his fiance Janet with altered Pym particles to save her life during his movie).

The gist being the superpowered heroes get approached about the Avenger initiative firstly to assemble a team that can stand against superpowered threats. But secondly (and the reason SHIELD is involved) to make sure that emerging superheroes who are being heroic stay that way, don't get corrupted or take the law into their own hands too much (property damage, recklessly endangering civilians with superbattles in the street) and can be controlled to a degree.

Cap comes in as the last addition to the team by whatever way they bring him into modern times in his own movie - either the Avengers are the ones who find him if his movie is entirely WWII ending in falling into the arctic. Or by his being approached nby Nick at the end of his movie just like Tony was if Cap's movie moves into today but he doesnt work directly with SHIELD in it so only meets Nick in the after credit closer.

Oh, and Thor could go either way depending on how his movie is handled (too little realism/unexplainable myth doesnt fit in enough with the linked world Iron Man and Hulk movies have created). No Quicksilver or Scarlet witch cos that means Mutants, which is a can of worms in a movie series where mutants are unheard of.

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