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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Given that Thor will be involved in a full scale war apparently for his upcoming sequel, I kind of hope to see moments where he's like roaming the battlefield after the battle has been won, only to see a disheartened look on his face at the lives that were lost in the process. It would definitely be somewhat of a "full circle" moment after what Odin had told him in his previous film about him not having been able to understand the full horrors of war on the innocent.

I also want to see moments where we see him in council meetings with his generals and forming strategies/tactics for the upcoming battles while giving out orders as well. Captain America had his moment in the avengers, now it's time to let Thor has his "commanding" moment in DW.
Yes, I agree on both points, especially the first one. That might fuel his interest in having other tools at his disposal besides war. I am thinking of the discussion we had in, I think, the Plots based on Spoilers thread, about the idea of Thor convincing Kurse to lead the Dark Elves into an era of peace after Malekith is defeated.

On the second point, that might be a moment for Sif to shine too, or perhaps Hogun. (I don't know as much about their characters, particularly Hogun, but I get the sense they are strong tacticians.)

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