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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 7

So basically what you're saying is that I suck or am less skilled? Not sure about that considering I was ranked around 350 out of thousands.

Funny thing is I don't use the supermove a lot. I save my meter for meter burns in combos.
No not saying that at all.

I was just stating thats what i have noticed. Using the MB within your combos can help end a fight before they begin. Most of the ppl iv played that were easy wins, tried to save their meter for one 30% supermove, where as i am doing 35%+ 2 or three times per round because of the MB. For instance a buddy of mine that i play with ALWAYS saves his super. And granted he'll snag me with it but iv already done so much damage that all it ends up doing is just making the match look like it was closer than it really was.

Not saying the Super is useless tho. I mean hell, if i lvl 3 Venom with Bane into a combo into a super, 71% life GONE. Hah so it does have its purpose.

The above opinions are documented to be proven right, 99.8% of the time.

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