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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015

Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
No one is surprised at this. Many of us pined for a WF before a JL. But with the way things ended in MOS. It leaves Superman unfinished. If they go for a team up without knowing what Superman truly stands for it makes things weird as to how Superman stands his ground against some of Batman's principles.

Im just a little cautious. And I hate being that way. I want to have fun and enjoy MOS with others. But its been a rough start.

(I loved MOS.)
The story is continuing and everybody is essentially returning from MOS. Batman isn't just going to walk in and all of a sudden tell his own story with Superman doing god knows what. The consequence of killing Zod will be there. His relationship with Lois Lane/Daily Planet crew will be there. Luthor will be introduced, they'll just have the Bats written in the script to set up a *****ing badass confrontation between the two by films end.

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