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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Comic book fans jumping the gun and pre-judging a project that they know nothing about except an insignia. This is feeling VERY familiar, and also annoying.
Standard practice.

I don't know how I feel about it. The idea sounds exciting. I was hoping for MOS 2 with just Superman. How Batman being involved changes everything, I don't know.

If one of the elements of the story is the public's reaction to Superman, then Batman's appearance as a reaction to what happened in MOS does make sense also. He can be seen as being skeptical of Superman. Along with this, establishing the new Batman here allows the expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe and can tie into Flash and Justice League, if the rumors about those films are true.

As long as Superman is the main focus and it's his story with Batman guest starring, I'm fine. I'm sure they'll have one fight before teaming up and I'm curious to see how it'll be portrayed. There are a lot of elements to juggle here.

It'd be cool if one of the final scenes is Superman handing Batman a piece of kryptonite--if kryptonite shows up in this film--to keep just in case.

I'm not jumping on either side of the fence here. I'm just straddling, waiting to hear more news before casting a judgment.

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