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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015

Originally Posted by Cantis1 View Post
Yea, that's the thing: it really feels like that. That they have no faith that Superman can carry his own franchise so we have to have the great and wonderful Batman come in and save the day. Yea, so MOS didn't do a billion dollars. It still did damn well yet they are acting as if it's a failure and the only thing to save it is *gasp* the Bat. Screw the bat. I didn't see Nolan's films because I don't find Batman that interesting (frankly, I like Robin, not Batman). So him coming in and invading a Superman series that I really REALLY loved, is just pissing me off.

Like I said, I wanted to see what THESE characters do in the next film as they settle into their iconic roles and relationships. Throwing in Batman means there will be a focus on HIM, Batman and Bruce Wayne, which is taking focus away from the Superman characters, and I find that crappy as hell.

This isn't a MoS sequel, this is their Batman franchise rebuilding. And damn them for not being HONEST about it.

Can't even give Superman an honest sequel. Ugh.

The only saving grace for me is at least it seems like Amy Adams/Lois is in this movie. But if she's pushed aside in HER series (yes, MoS is HER series, not freaking Batman's!), for stupid Bruce/Batman, I will be freaking livid
This is Justice League franchise building.

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