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Default Re: Discussion: FOX News II

Originally Posted by OstrichsRevenge View Post
Not necessarily, when you're fighting for certain rights. I've read stories of people being harassed and frightened out of their communities for coming out as an atheist. That doesn't mean they should do the same to the religious, but it does mean that the strangehold religion has on some parts of the Americas needs to be loosened. Religion should never dictate policy or be an integral part of the government. It should remain neutral. Any swing to either side should be fought against for the sake of equality.
Right, but we're talking about methods for effecting change. You still haven't explained how retaliatory hostility will further your cause. I think it's self-evident that it negatively influences public perception, thereby increasing resistance.

Originally Posted by OstrichsRevenge
The live and let live mantra only works when the other side feels the same way.
I'm not talking about live and let live. At all.

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