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Default Re: Discussion: FOX News II

Fox & Friends’ fails on Obama-Muslim museum connection: No surprise here

In their glorious history, fake-news sites have thrived by fooling people into thinking their stuff is for real. For instance, the conservative congressman who fell for that classic Onion story on an “Abortionplex” opening up in Topeka, or the Chinese Communist Party newspaper that fell for the Onion story celebrating North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as the “sexiest man alive,” or the news sites, including and, that bought the Daily Currant’s story that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman had gone bankrupt.

The record shows that those hoodwinked by fake news generally swallow pieces that confirm their worldview or advance their agenda. So: If you’re out to get Fox News to bite on a fake-news story, one good way just might be to … concoct an article in which President Obama digs into his pocket to support the International Museum of Muslim Cultures. That’s the allegation that recently surfaced on the National Reporter, which calls itself an “online portal for ‘citizen journalists.’”

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