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Default Re: The RATINGS Thread - Part 2

Just on observation

the super hero comic adaptations seem to be holding up better than "other" comic adaptations

year to year change for super hero shows
The Flash: -1.09%
Arrow: +0.76%

year to year change for "other" comic shows
iZombie: -16.1%
Agent Carter: -47.36%
Agents of SHIELD: -11.89%
Gotham: -31.25%

Change from two seasons ago to last season
Arrow: +11.37%
Agents of SHIELD: -33.88%

Based on the above, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow hold up much better than Lucifer next season. But luckily for Lucifer, it's on Fox where you can do mediocre ratings and survive.

Arrowverse watching order
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