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Default Re: What is DOFP setting the groundwork for?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I hope they are done with the younger version of Xavier and Magneto after DOFP. I don't really see the point of having them when they could easily bring back Ian/Patrick and they could just move on with the original trilogy and introduce new characters.

Other the movie fan-boys, the younger version of Xavier/Magneto don't really appeal to the general public.
I have very rarely (if ever) seen any complaints about those two castings. Everyone thinks Fassbenders Magneto is a bad ass, I've seen alot say he rivals Wolverine in that category.

I would argue that they only don't appeal to the hardcore OT fans who will only accept Stewart and Mckellen. The general public and majority of X Men fans seemed more then ok with them.

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