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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

I don't think it is so much that Nolan's Batman was not a scientist or a detective; just that Nolan never put emphasis on how smart his Batman really was. We saw a few glimpses here and there of him doing detective work and stuff like that but it was never something that he put emphasis on; we know he has some of them from glimpses we've seen but it basically remained not addressed directly. The lack of emphasis on Batman's genius intellect/detective skills throughout the trilogy along with TDKR as a whole are the 2 things that keep Nolan's trilogy away from being perfect IMO (by perfect, I do not mean that it would have zero flaws period, because everything has flaws, but that it would nail every single aspect of Batman just like Batman TAS and the Arkham games did).

The irony with us criticizing Nolan for his Batman not doing enough detective work is that the film where Batman did the most detective work so far in live-action was The Dark Knight. This is not a defense towards Nolan but a criticism towards all the Batman films we've had so far for their piss poor job at showing his detective skills and overall genius-level intellect.

I personally didn't mind the lack of skills showing he is the world's greatest detective in BB and TDK because I always saw the Batman in those films as the young Batman - the Year One Batman. If you compare the Batman in Year One with the one in BB and TDK, they're not that different in terms of their abilities. Year One Batman wasn't the world's greatest detective yet and the only detective work Batman does throughout the whole book is in the part where he listens in on Falcone finds out he plans to kidnap Gordon's family - Nolan's Batman did stuff like that too. Batman in Year One also got his butt kicked his first night out by a bunch of teen thugs stealing a TV and couldn't just easily escape a SWAT team when he was into his 4th or 5th month as Batman - Nolan's Batman took out a SWAT team and Joker's thugs simultaneously when he was towards the end of his first year as Batman (see the parallel growth?). My overall point is that Batman did not start out as the Batman we all know (this is something true about most superheroes) and since BB and TDK were based on books that take place in Batman's early career and both versions of Batman are in their first year, I think it isn't fair to compare the Batman in BB and TDK with the Batman that fights alongside the JL that we all know. And like I said before, BB/TDK's Batman is not too far from Year One's Batman. Yet Year One's Batman grew into the Batman we all know eventually. Same thing could be said about BB/TDK's Batman. Just by comparing TDK's Batman with BB's, you can also see that Batman has grown in between those movies and grew throughout those movies as well, especially at the end of TDK. As I've discussed before, I believe this to be the original pitch for the first 2 movies, and presumably for the third movie as well, and I base this on all the interviews I've read and on all the things in BB and TDK that allude to Batman being Batman for a long time but that is something I've debated here over and over again and I don't want to repeat myself.

It will also be interesting to see how the young Batman from the upcoming video game differs from the Batman in Year One and the one from BB/TDK, assuming that this young Batman will be in his first year as Batman.

Then we got to TDKR. When I first heard it would take place 8 years later, I assumed he was Batman throughout those years and was really excited because I always wanted to see how Nolan's Batman would be like with a lot of years of experience behind him. The biggest disadvantage Nolan's Batman probably has is that he never got to grow. I'm assuming so much of the things in TDKR would've been much easier for him to handle had he had the experience he would've got out of those 8 years. Also, my defense towards Batman quitting for 8 years is that the Batman I know would find a reason to keep going. People's defense to this is usually "This is Nolan's Batman and he's not that obsessed" and my argument towards that is if that this Batman felt so in need to go out in the world and be Batman that he spent 8 years in his home, then this Batman would also find a reason to keep going.

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