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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

It's not that Bruce was never obsessed. He devotes himself tirelessly to his mission in Begins and TDK. It's just that he was never foolish enough to think punching criminals in the face endlessly was going to change anything in the long term. He wanted to affect lasting change in Gotham by uprooting organized crime, and by TDKR he had achieved that. He achieved that by taking the fall for Harvey. I still say that if this Bruce was someone who wanted to go out every night beating up criminals, and stubbornly believed that him Batmanning every night was the best medicine for Gotham, he should NOT have taken the fall for Harvey. He should have let the truth be known and decided to handle the fallout. If he was that unhealthily obsessed with being the Batman, that's not an unreasonable conclusion to come to. Gotham gets the difficult truth, but at least they still can "make due" with him as their hero. And at least he'd still have the uneasy alliance with Gordon and GPD. But he didn't want another war. He wanted to accelerate towards peace. That's why he took the blame. But in making himself public enemy no. 1, he made himself much less viable in a practical sense, and as a symbol. Batman remaining active when he's not needed OR wanted (well, he is "wanted") would not have been good for Gotham. And Batman is whatever Gotham needs him to be.

The seeds were sewn in TDK.

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