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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

I still don't see the big thing with Bruce retiring for those eight years. It's just like The Dark Knight Returns, but with different reasons. Rachel died instead of Jason and Bruce could not live a normal life anymore and then the Dent Act went into place besides a government act of having no more superheroes and Bruce left the cape and cowl because he and Gordon won by using Dent's name and got rid of organized crime.

Over that time though, with out even being able to move on from Batman, he became disheveled and isn't on his game when he finally returns to take down Batman and that's the important part of him being in the Pit, he goes back to his roots and is able to then take down Bane without relying on any of his weapons to even bide his time like his first fight with Bane in the sewers.

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