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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

I too never thought there was going to a "rise of the freaks".

Batman perhaps gave rise to Joker ("and you're wearing a mask. Jumping off rooftops"). But never did I feel that it would go beyond that.

When Batman says "what are you trying to prove? that deep down everyone's as ugly as you", he's not saying that Joker, with his literal ugliness (his facial scars), is trying to turn people into freaks, like Two-Face. Joker didn't plan for Dent to become a 'freak' (visual deformity), but rather just to become a murderer, a madman.
Rather Joker is 'internally ugly', which he's trying to prove that everyone else is. It's about corruption, man's nature, etc.

Regarding the freaks comment towards Batman. Joker just wanted to say that people will screw each other over. Being a 'freak' isn't really a theme of these movies.

By "changing things" Joker means that Batman called out the corruption, standing up for good, which is why Joker wants to corrupt him.

A "better class of criminal" means criminals who don't only believe in just money, but rather in 'sending a message', etc. He's referring to himself.

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