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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

There was definitely a rise of the freaks message in TDK. Starting at the end of Begins when Gordon said Batman's presence is going to cause escalation and then presenting him with the Joker card.

Zsasz was not proper freak. Zsasz was just a hired killer for the mob. He didn't dress outlandishly, or look like a freak, and Rachel even argued he wasn't insane and said he deserves to be in prison not Arkham. Zsasz in the comic is nuts and belongs in a straightjacket.

Crane was. After Batman Begins he was going around the underworld wearing the Scarecrow mask and poisoning the underworld with his fear toxin. He was making a name for himself. He had his own gang. Another rise of a freak.

When Joker said he was bringing Gotham a better class of criminal, of course he meant himself but not just himself. He wanted to turn Gotham on it's head and make everyone like him. Drag out that inner ugliness he believed was inside all of them. That includes the underworld. Why else did he want the Chechen's men working for him? They'd all be following his example.

Joker equated himself to being like Batman. A freak. He expected to Gotham to turn that way, too. Hence why he said he and Batman could share a padded cell because they would be doubling up at the rate Gotham's inhabitants will start losing their minds, just like Dent did. Another freak.

TDK was the changing point in Gotham. Rise of the freaks. I was expecting Joker's reign of terror to have inspired more freaks like Batman inspired the Joker and the copycats. I didn't expect Batman to be done when Dent died, and Gotham was magically eradicated of all crime.

That is the antithesis of the message TDK and it's ending sent.

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