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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

The Joker was unsuccessful in regards to no one finding out what Dent had done. But his plans were constantly changing and evolving. What he successfully did was turn Dent and brought him down. People finding out what Dent did was an ace in the hole, an added bonus.

So because the city didn't find out that Dent turned and the boats didn't decide to blow each other sky high means that some nut in Gotham wouldn't be inspired by the Joker? I don't think so. How about the fact that Batman, the guy everyone trusted, the "hero", is out there a wanted murderer? Shouldn't that cause people to lose it knowing that he's out there at night? They were afraid of him when he was a HERO fighting crime afterall.

How about the panic the Joker caused with the bridges? How about the people he turned by threatening the hospital? Even in the boats the vast majority of the people on the ferries wanted to blow it sky high. They just didn't have the guts to personally do it.

Hell, look at the crazies he had at his side from the Arkham patients like Thomas Schiff to those unflinching nut bags at Gambol's place.

Just because Batman and Gordon covered up what Dent did (somehow, even with the odds and chances of investigations against them) doesn't mean that other freaks wouldn't pop up, original or copy cat. It also doesn't make the Joker automatically lose. He drove Dent to the edge, he made Batman break his one rule, he put the city a chaotic situation, etc. etc.

What Gordon and Batman did was for Dent's reputation and so the city wouldn't lose hope. Dent still did what he did. That's depressing enough. The majority of the people on the boats wanted to blow up the other ferry. That's depressing enough.

It should always be a game of tug of war between Batman and the Joker. In the Dark Knight, while they both have the opposite ideals, one isn't more right or wrong than the other. Did Batman and Gordon really win? Did the Joker really lose? Not really.

The Dark Knight's ending isn't about a sacrifice that somehow makes the city 100% better and cured of disease and peace time. It's about Batman taking on a different meaning to not tarnish Dent's name and give the city some hope.

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