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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
My money is on them giving us someone uninteresting like Moleman or The Puppet Master. Then Showing the main villain in the final scene or closing credits ala Avengers, Amazing Spider-man, Green Lantern or Batman Begins.

But if they were really serious they'd give us FF vs the Frightful Four with Doom as a cliffhanger.
If they go with the Frightful Four, they will need to have a better lineup then in the comics. Trapster doesn't work as serious villain in the comcis, so having him be a member of the Frightful Four will not work on the Silver screen. Having a guy try to defeat the FF with a glue gun will not work, the audience would just be laughing at it. Wizard will need a revamp before he is ready for the big screen, for the most part is he a 4th rate Dr. Doom clone, with less pathos, less interesting motives, is more one dimensional and is less menacing. You can't build up Dr. Doom by having a Doom wannabe be the main villain of the first film.

Also if Mole Man or Puppet Master are the villains, they have to be compelling, they can't just be place holders for Doom, this movie has to be good its own right, not just be set up for a better movie down the road.

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
If Sony used this logic, we would have gotten Green Goblin in TAS, rather than the Lizard, and it would have been an even bigger waste of time. If Fox does FF/Doom again - that may be the kiss of death for this series with them. It will be bad enough if we have to sit through a complete origin again, but if we get Doom too - sheesh....!
Lizard has more pathos then Mole Man and Puppet Master, he is just a better written character. I feel more sorry for Lizard then I do for Mole Man or Puppet Master. In the 616 universe, Mole Man's bitterness about humanity is not that interesting, he just comes off as whiny little fat guy who is tries to get women way out of his league and is mad when they don't return his advances. At this point, I think Mole Man can solve his problems by using computer dating and lowering his standards, that makes more sense then living with monsters underground. Also Puppet Master's step daughter is far more interesting then he is, his step daughter is interesting, but there is nothing interesting Puppet Master himself, he is just a generic villain who is evil for very poorly defined reasons.

Frankly after you get past Dr. Doom and Galactus, the FF's rogues gallery gets kinda of lame. Annhilius and Mad Thinker are kinda interesting, what is mainly because they were put to better use in other comics then the FF comic. After that, the pickings get real slim. Red Ghost is a one dimensional, outdated, cartoonist political stereotype, Wizard has been a poor man's Dr. Doom for most of his career (recent unexplained mental breakdown, not withstanding), Mole Man is more of a gimmick then a character and his motive seems to go back and fourth between wanting to protect his kingdom and wanting to punish humanity for not well defined reasons. FF writers have been coasting on Doom and trying to just recreate old Silver age stories for so long, they haven't given the FF's rogues gallery the revamp it has needed for a while.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Can Fox afford to use the Mole Man though, while leaving Doom for the sequel? If the first reboot is not successful enough, they'll not even get to Doom. It's a different matter for Marvel to do that. But for Fox to do that now, and to release it in 2015 when there's The Avengers, Star Wars Ep 7 and Justice League, that just isn't keeping up with the big leagues. They have to up their game otherwise they'll have another flop on their hands. What's the point of making an FF movie just to be a flop? Might as well give it back to Marvel.
Its a bit naive to assume that if Fox makes a rebooted FF movie, that they will not trying their hardest to make a series sequels come out of that first movie? If they are putting the effort into a rebooted FF movie, why would want be planning for a franchise? If they were not, they would just sold it back to Marvel or let the rights lapse.

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