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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
If Sony used this logic, we would have gotten Green Goblin in TAS, rather than the Lizard, and it would have been an even bigger waste of time. If Fox does FF/Doom again - that may be the kiss of death for this series with them. It will be bad enough if we have to sit through a complete origin again, but if we get Doom too - sheesh....!
The difference between Sony and Fox is that the original Spider-Man trilogy was a successful series of films. It could've continued potentially instead of being rebooted, but they chose to go that way. With FF, those films weren't successful and generally not well received. Sony could afford to use Lizard with TAS. Besides, Spider-Man is far more popular than FF and could get people in seats on name alone.

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