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Default Re: How will they explain logan's transition in the begining?

Originally Posted by night0205 View Post
His happiness was his denial about what actually happened. He'll wake up one day and wonder what ever happened to "Jean Grey"? Then he'll say, "oh..." Then he will accept his depression and move to japan.
i think they'll start out with him as a homeless bum. and some asks.

"logan ... why did you give up...?"

i mean what happened to the school and all the mutant kids?

what happened to the school? is the school closed down?

where did everyone go? why did logan leave his home at the school to be a bum in the streets? i just feel they need to address that. i'm sure they will.

maybe he he'll say "i didn't belong there...i couldn't live my life at peace..."

i also have an idea. remember how cyclops was a nervous wreck in x3. Jean had some sort of mental affect on him and it made him crazy from the x2 ending.

maybe in the final scene of x3 -- the pheonix/jean grey still lives in Logan's dreams and haunts him. and it drove him crazy and he left the school because he feels he is a warrior/nomad.

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