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Default Re: The Official IM3 Trailer Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by thalidomide View Post
Soooooo, no one noticed what I just said -__- lol
About what, the Extremis guy shooting blasts from his hand?
Yeah, if it's true to the Extremis comic, then an Extremis-ized person basically becomes a superhero/supervillain. Superstrength (car-flinging superstrength), near invincibility, breathing fire, shooting power blasts....hell, they can probably shoot laser beams out their asses, too.

It's just that in the comics, Mallen was the only one who was Extremis-ized. In this movie, it definitely appears that Mandarin has created a whole army of Mallen-types. Which would explain why Tony needs a whole durn Iron Legion to finish them off.


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