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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Zod and the rest of Kryptonians wear armor because they're part of the Kryptonian army. Superman isn't. His suit is created simply to represent the symbol of hope.
I thought it was the 'S' itself was the symbol of hope, not the outfit.

Jor-El wears armor also, although it's styled differently to Zod and co's military 'knight-like' armor, which reflects his station/profession on Krypton, and we've seen other Kryptonians wearing almost 'ceremonial' armour too. Supes' outfit basically seems to just be the under-layer that all the other Kryptionians wear under their garb, certainly, we know that Jor-El, Zod and co wear it.

It's funny, we though the old and cliched 'Supes wearing underwear' jokes would be gone when they ditched the trunks yet Zod and co. must now look at Superman and wonder why he's walking round in his Kryptonian underwear.

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