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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
I would consider it if they made it clear that's part of his power set beforehand and give a good sense how it works. Making Superman be able to randomly do anything including changing the physics of reality is cartoonish. No you can't spin the world backwards to go back in time. Giving him random powers we haven't seen before is bad story telling.
I only wanted to point out that among all of the silly, unscientific stuff Superman did, going back in time is not one of them...

BTW: He did not spin the earth backwards in time... he flew at speeds faster than the speed of light.. now, we know that's not possible, but since we're talking fantasy here (as no one can fly either), then assuming he could move faster than the speed of light, we don't know what happens... would he be warping space/time? Could he then go back and forth is spacetime? We do know that if you sit on a jet plane, your time will slow down in relation to someone that's on Earth... and if you're on a rocket flying at say 90% of the speed of light, and if you come back to eart after 1 year in your time, everyone you know on earth would be long dead...

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