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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by afan View Post
The trailer also shows us a bearded and shirtless Clark with a look of exertion on his face as he pushes against what I assume is the beam on the oil rig that we've seen in previous set videos. IMO that look translates to a difficult feat of indication of a Superman quite a bit less powerful than Reeve or Routh?
yes and no. This is during his "test your limits" phase IMHO, and I think with Superman lifting heavy objects...initial lifting always seems to have strain, even a car, but it's like he has an unlimited set of gears so as long as he puts the effort in...he can lift anything.

If lifting a mountain requires strain, you would think he could lift a car with the flick of his wrist..but it never works out that way.

He has to teach his body what particular weights feel like to him. Just as a bodybuilder works from 200lbs to 300lbs to 400lbs...each come with their own set of resistance.

Based on Superman's strength of lifting mountains, etc.. lifting a car would be like lifting a single sheet of paper, no resistant at all..but there is.

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