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Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
If the third movie was about Supermans death,
That means either a fourth film to bring him back ,
Or he comes back to life befoe the third film is over.
That last scenario is more likely .
Kill him in his 3rd movie. Bring him back in the Second Justice League movie.

Originally Posted by ConnorKon-El View Post
In America ? You are damn right. Certain characters can be changed and fiddled with, and critics will be okay with it or even on board. From my perspective, after reading alot of MOS's reviews, it wasn't even the pacing or character development issues critics had with Steel, it was simply they didn't like the inclusion of science fiction into the Superman mythos. "It felt like a sci-fi action flick more than a Superman film." That's understandable. But i'm glad Superman was changed up. Film-wise, the character needed to be changed up and re-vamped to fit todays' audiences.
I've seen the film several times now, and it suffers from pacing issues. I bet you Snyder's nearly 3 hour cut might have fixed some of those issues. Or maybe made them worse, I don't know. It's just a classic case of fitting so much story into 2.5 hours. While I really, thoroughly enjoyed the film, I didn't "love" it. It was the best Superman film we've received since Superman II, but it's marketing didn't live up to the film's final product.
Then again, I was expecting this film to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Synder, I love the guy to death, but all his films have the same pacing issues. That could really bite Superman vs. Batman in the ass. What if Snyder goes crazy and starts to bring too much of Batman's story into Superman's ? Or vice-versa ?

The sad thing is that a lot of those elements are present in some of the comics but people are so attached to the Donner Films and the superfical image of Superman.

It iratates me when people complain about superman frowning, looking angry, or being too violent. Sups is a dynamic character. It's not like he farts rainbows all the time.

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