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It's inevitable... why would a 50 year old Stark continue to do this sort of stuff? I know movie Stark is probably supposed to be early 40's or just below RDJ's actual age, but it wouldn't make sense for a 60 year old guy to suit up and fight aliens and such. In the comics it is not a problem but in the movieverse it is.

If they value continuity and Feige stays true to his word of no reboots, then it wouldn't make sense for a 50 years old Stark to keep doing this stuff if we are many years into the timeline. That's why I would cut Iron Man out at Avengers 2 or 3. More solo movies probably wouldn't cut it at that point so I don't see the point in Iron Man 4-6. Also would avoid recasts.

I think once Avengers and the MCU as a whole runs out of gas, you reboot it for the next generation. Maybe Stark has a kid down the line and you pick it up with new adventures (15-20 years from now). Spiderman and FF will be back in house by then so the possibilities would be endless. Or you could just start over completely with a Civil War movie or something.

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