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Default SR sequel to start shooting next year?

Superman Returns Sequel Starting Late 2007?

Source: Variety
May 16, 2006

In an article published by Variety, the trade magazine mentions that Superman Returns director Bryan Singer might not want to take on both the sequel and a remake of "Logan's Run."

Bryan Singer may not direct the remake of "Logan's Run" after all.

Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver want to start lensing the sci-fi pic this fall, which would mean Singer might end up shooting two tentpoles -- "Logan's" and a "Superman Returns" sequel -- back-to-back.

No one begrudges Singer for seeking a break from big-budget projects, although the filmmaker probably won't make an official decision either way about "Logan's Run" until "Superman Returns" bows in July.

Assuming Singer's take on the Caped Crusader is a crowd-pleaser, Warners plans to start shooting the sequel in the later part of 2007, with Singer again at the helm.

Even if he doesn't direct "Logan's Run," Singer is still likely to play some sort of role and perhaps take a producer's credit. Silver has been developing the project for some time now, with input from Singer.

There's been buzz that "V For Vendetta" director James McTeigue might step in and helm "Logan's Run," but at this point it's just rumor.

If they start shooting the sequel next year, maybe it'll be released sometime in 2008 instead of 2009.

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