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Default Re: SR sequel to start shooting next year?

Originally Posted by zeptron

If they start shooting the sequel next year, maybe it'll be released sometime in 2008 instead of 2009.
No , i still think that the sequel will be released in 2009.
The article clearly says that shooting will start late 2007. If they've gonna release the movie 2008 , ithat would results in a cramped shooting schedule and a even tighter post. prod. schedule.
No way that's gonna happen

I think that WB have had a relative rough time with superman returns , in terms of making it.
I still think that the schedule itslf was extremely tight and with the VFX delivered at the last moment ( which probably explains why there are so few trailers and only now marketing is really beginning with tv spots and such ).
For the sequel , WB and Singer want to take their time . To have a more relaxed shooting and a more relaxed post. prod. Shooting in late 2007 and then afterwards working a year long on the VFX , music, score, sound etc.

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