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Default Re: Zak Penn and The Live Action Avengers Movie Threads Merged

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
Really great to read through this stuff now. Gives you a feeling of how right and wrong we really were.
I was mostly right about Zak Penn. There were similar elements but mostly they avoided an Ultimates route.

I was very relieved to hear when Whedon came on that he was starting from scratch and re-writing the script. I don't think Penn was ever the right fit for these movies. Most of the characterizations in these movies are more in line with their 616 personalities and characters besides some cosmetic elements.

I recall reading that Whedon stating he could not film the draft Penn wrote. Not to say that was a complete knock on Penn's interpretation but I guess that for him to get a handle on it he needed to alter his take.

The Ultimate was dark and gritty at times, but it was not at all "serious." It was goofy and over the top as hell just not in a traditional super hero comic book, campy type of way.

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