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Default Re: Zak Penn and The Live Action Avengers Movie Threads Merged

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
Do you even get that these so called ULTIMATE AVENGERS animated movies are a lot more like Avengers than Ultimate Avengers?

For whatever reason Marvel/Lionsgate saw fit to stay clear of the actual content of Ultimates as much as possible for these animated movies. Simply keeping some of the costumes and plot elements.

I did see elements of the Avengers in there, but I just thought it was a softer version of the Ultimates. They would have went all the way but they probably thought they could reach a younger market with this cartoon as well. Hulk was still fairly evil, there was too little character development, still seems fairly Ultimate too me. Plus those two movies just felt like a couple of episodes in a series (extended, but episodes).

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
And goofy jackasses. But according to screenwriter Zak Penn, The Ultimates proves for the first time ever that superheroes don't have to be goofy.

Can anyone honestly say that this is someone that should be writing an Avengers movie?
Probably not. I'd rather not have a bastardised version of the Avengers.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
You know people did that in the actual comics before Ultimates came around right?
Yeah, I pretty much knew about some costume changes. Though most people in the Marvel Universe have had that, so asking for another one that's reflective of todays tastes isn't wrong. Plus, the fact that 616 Thor has gone back to his classic look is cause for concern when it comes to a movie adaption.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne
It would essentially be Jackson from those crappy XXX movies.
It's not like we're talking about Jean Claude Van Damme. Jackson is an accomplished actor, he'll pull it off if given the chance.

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