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Default How many X-Men related movies would you like to see?

so far we have 4, an X-Men Trilogy and a Wolverine origin story. But with Marvel now owned by the sinister Disney corporation. We can gather the following. That the X-Men's expanded universe and Fox's tight grip on anything X-Men movie wise. We will expect more and more of them to appear on the big screen. Fans seem to want a new X-Men related story every 3 years... explaining the X-Men 2000 to X2 2003 then x3 in 2006 and wolverine in 2009 - So we can denote that First Class will probably be done by 2012...

The way i look at it is that they will produce three Origin stories. We have had one Wolverine, the next will be First Class. But the third remains unknown... at first you could of said Magneto but thats now on a back burner. Then you could say Deadpool but to be honest Deadpool is gonna be the next Blade franchise and i dont think you could count that in the x-men universe as Deadpool will be its own identiy. So we have one spot empty? Possibly Wolverine 2? i think so, im growing closer and closer to thinking that Wolverine franchise wont reach a trilogy but will have a second outing in Japan... the reason i say that is because i think Wolverine is only a two parter story before you come to x-men 1 where he appeared in the bar at the begining of x1. So how does this fit in?

Consider this, You are getting the ORIGIN of the x-men told over three movies... Basically Fox are trying to do a Star Wars Duel trilogy one the origin the other a prequel trilogy. So we are getting a true Movie style origin on that sense, So you have the making of wolverine, the war.

Personally i think X-Men Origins Nightcralwer would fit perfectly as the third origin story that would fit the pieces together tobring you to x1. But i have another topic for that.

But how many X-Men related movies would you like to see.

My current prediction is this...

X-Men 1 - 2000
X-Men 2 - 2003
X-Men 3 - 2006
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - 2009
X-Men Origins: First Class - 2012
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 - 2015
X-Men 4 - 2018
X-Men 5 - 2021
X-Men 6 - 2024

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