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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

No X-Men spinoff will carry an Independence Day spot. That's the defacto Will Smith release date, although he may have lost that in recent years. There is no reason for Wolverine 3 to be released in the peak season. He needs room to breathe and needs to be far away from other mainstream CB movies, so audiences do not feel the fatigue. As far as X-Force, it depends on what kind of budget they give that thing. If Cable is the main guy and they honor the backstory, then I try to get Cyclops and Jean in it as cameos, if not supporting characters. X-Force would be a future film IMO, and Cable would travel through time physically, although you don't want to overuse the time travel device. If they can get Renolds back as Deadpool, along with a big actor like Brolin or Butler for Cable, then that's enough to carry X-Force without cameoing the familiar faces up the whazoo. Renolds vs Butler would be pretty sick now that I think about it.

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