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Default Re: The Gus Gorman thread

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Regardless, it's still not Bizarro.

Bizzaro is a weird, opposite version of Superman. He is not the evil version of Superman.

In the movie, Superman becomes corrupt, bitter and evil. I call it the 'Fallen' or 'Corrupt' Superman. And to be honest, I prefer this to Bizarro. Reeve is awesome as a malevolent, angry Man of Steel.

Also, the post-Crisis Bizzaro was created by Luthor, but that was in 1986, three years after Superman III. The original Bizzaro was created via a duplicating ray.
Whenever I watch the movie, frankly, I find myslelf wishing that there were more scenes with Reeve's corrupted Superman. For me, he's the best, and most interesting part of the movie. I can watch those scenes over and over again and not get bored of them.

Don't be ashamed of the source material when making your adaption. EMBRACE it.
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