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Default Re: "You read for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

It would be kinda cool if they mixed some elements of the Serpent from Fear Itself into Malekith. (even tho I hated FI)
Like maybe through some shady dealings, Odin screwed over Malekith to make Asgard the premier realm of the nine worlds instead of Svartleheim (sp?)
This shakes Thor's confidence in Odin as well as his Asgardian pride, so he goes back to Earth to be with Jane, at which point Odin is killed and Asgard gets destroyed, and Thor has to go back to put the pieces back together and ascend to the Throne.

I dunno, I'm not as good with making up plot points as some of y'all
But something like that could add some personal weight and tragedy to the story..

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