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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

I dont see the reboot as a trilogy, i see it continuing like the Bond franchise. We could very well get a half dozen movies into the next decade. Different directors, same tone, same continuity. Anything is possible but i dont think they should just settle for a trilogy like Nolan.

Joker appearing within the next few films is a mistake imo. Maybe movie #3 he could be introduced with Harley Quinn. But i say bring him into the next universe (he has to be a part of it) after a few films.

Carrey payed homage to Gorshin so i kind of disagree that it hasnt been done well since the 60s. We just need a very different take on the character this time around.

Penguin hasn't been done well at all. We havent seen the dark, serious, sinister Oswald Cobblepot who is a mob boss but a very classy mob boss.

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