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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
Freeze. Because he's awesome, that's why.
That, and Freeze needs to be reinvented for the movie audience. No more puns, no more foreign accents, no more levity. I want the Freeze from that old animated movie. Victor needs to be cold (accidental pun, I apologize profusely), apathetic, constantly in mourning, and a genius that can test even The World's Greatest Detective as he's never been tested before on-screen.

I do agree that the Riddler would be a fantastic idea, and I'd love to see him in the trilogy, but maybe not until the 2nd movie. Both the Riddler and Two- Face need to star in a movie (being in the last half hour as a second fiddle doesn't count, imo), and a more comic-faithful Scarecrow would be fantastic. Batman Begins had an awesome Scarecrow, but it had too many balls to juggle, what with the origin story, Marconi, and Ra's al Ghul.

Even though Bane has been on the big screen as often as Joker, as well as more recently, I still crave a comics-faithful version on the big screen. Major props to Hardy's performance, but a Bane without Venom and with a retarded voice synthesizer is like a Joker without bad jokes or a purple suit. Fight choreography that is exceptional would also be a must. The brief fight at the end of Doom, which I saw after TDKR, easily cleared the bar set by TDKR's first meeting between Bats and Bane. Full disclosure; I'm a huge hypocrite. I don't want to see GG in the next Spidey film even though he hasn't been in a movie since 2001 (surfboard Harry does not count, obviously), but I'm foaming at the mouth to see Bane and Batman go at it in a more comic book universe. The potential is there to eclipse even Spidey vs. The Lizard, or Thor vs. Iron Man/Hulk. I know fighting scenes shouldn't be so important to me, but Batman is arguably the greatest hand-to-hand combatant in the DC universe, dagnabbit!!! He needs to be Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Ali all in one.

Some combination of Scarecrow/Bane/Riddler/Two-Face would be my ideal 3 leads, but there is always room for action/behind the scenes villains. Killer Croc and Clayface would work as fantastic action scene baddies, and Bane could be relegated to this role if necessary. After all, he was introduced in BTAS as a cerebral hitman (sidenote: please let him be latin american in the next movie, he's the only major rogue Batman has that isn't white, besides Ra's... who was also played by a white dude). On the other hand, Black Mask and Hugo Strange would work as behind the scenes villains. Ra's is a given as well, but he had his fingerprints over 2/3 of the last trilogy, so other villains should get their chance to shine.

And to DarKush, the Nolan universe is dead and gone. I was going to add I'm said to say, but then I'd be lying. I loved the hell out of the first 2 Nolan bats movies, but TDKR left a sour taste in my mouth (I will only get into specifics if someone asks for examples). I won't go on one of my long-winded explanations, suffice it to say that I watched TDK for the 10th time or so a week after I saw TDKR in theaters, and I still enjoyed it more by a long shot. Keep in mind that I was watching TDK at a friends house on a 25" TV, and her 4 year old son was being distracting me.

Speaking on the next Batman trilogy in general, the biggest success of the first 2 Nolan movies wasn't the "realism", but a combo of amazing casting, acting, directing, pacing, storytelling, tone, and an unforgettable score. If the next Batman trilogy nails half of those aspects, and reintroduces Bruce's "only in the comics" belt, full of kryptonite rings, various batarangs, rebreathers, antidotes, smoke bombs, etc, I'll be one happy camper. Watchmen was incredibly serious, as well as not realistic in the slightest, so it is possible. Whoops, so much for not being long-winded.

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