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Originally Posted by elsewhere View Post
I still think Tom Cruise would have made for a better Stark/Iron Man, but I'm not sure he would have stuck with it for the long run like RDJ has. So I have to give RDJ credit for that. He seems sincerely invested and interested in the character.
Mission impossible is the equivalent of the Iron Man movies.

Counting the Avengers both are tied. 4 for 4

Iron Man 1-3 and avengers

Mission impossible 1-4

Kevin Feige has suggested Stark be replaced like James Bond actors

No reboot. After all this universe building why start from square 1?

If 15 years down the line a reboot is going forward then I could see a younger Tony Stark.

-Age 21. Seriously if RDJ was 15 years younger we could have more movies with him. Since he's now 47 the chances are slimmer.

- A better version of the ultimate story. No blue baby Stark. Maybe keep the controlling father.

As for who could replace Downey Jr

Charlie Sheen

With some nod to Sheen in the movie.

*Reporter trying to ask a question to Stark*

Reporter- Is it true that you had plastic surgery?"

And this Iron Man poster in the background with "WINNING" at the bottom

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