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Default Re: Fancasting for Ant-Man

I find it pretty funny that people keep wanting Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk even though both have repeatedly said they aren't intrested in the role. They could change their minds I suppose but I'm not sure Marvel would want to hire an actor who kind of called the character lame in public.

I think Fillion is probably annoyed people keep asking him about Ant-Man by now. If anything Fillion should of been Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie or Wonder Man if they do him one day.

I think Lee Pace would by great as either Pym or Lang.

Lee Pace has been on Marvels radar for a while as well. Pace met with some Marvel folks last year and he auditioned for Star Lord although he didn't get the role.

I like Simon Baker and Patrick Wilson as actors but not sold on them for the role. I think Patrick Wilson would make a good villain as he has a slightly creepy edge to him in some of his roles.

I don't think Marvel could afford Bradley Cooper seeing as his pretty hot right now and Marvel don't like paying big salaries

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