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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Colossal Spoons
This. If they're gonna PC the hell outta every stereotypical superhero(which is the vast majority of minority characters, like you said) then they might as well not attempt to include them in this movie-verse. Just continue making lesser white characters black(Electro, Kingpin, Heimdal) instead. I want my Luke Cage to talk just as much jive as he does in the comics. If we ever do get to see Wakanda, they better be wearing loincloths despite being extremely technologically advanced.
I'm not saying don't do the characters or turn white characters black. That's what other people where saying. What I'm saying is that those characters can be done tastefully and still be true to there original concepts with out diving into or relying on stereotypes.

For instance if you wanted to do the Wakandans on film you should turn away from the stereotypical tribal depiction of them. You should go out as a film maker observe actually tribal cultures instead of relying on what the preconceived perception of what tribal Africans are. When forming the idea of who the Wakandans are.

Even the some like the Mandarin could have been done properly with out going into the preset Fu-manchu stereo type. Like i said before they could have gone the route of making the Premandarin character obsessed with the Three kingdoms period. The movie could have explored the rich Chinese history though the Premandarin character. He could even claim ancestry to any of the Six Dynasties that ruled during that period.

Later in the movie the premandarin character could have come into contact with the alien objects that he eventually wears as rings. Because of the power he acquires, He becomes power mad and delusional.

See Chronicale clip below for an exampled of this.

In his Delusional state he falls back on his Six Dynasties fascination and starts to dress that way.

He just became a power mad nut that dresses like he's in 220–280 AD China during the Three kingdoms period instead of a western Fu-manchu stereotype.

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