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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post

Stop whining.

Enjoy the MCU being constructed and stop trying to suggest some cockamamie multi-film studio project.
Dude apart from that one post replying to one of your own whines that you're replying to, checking your strange motivation, YOU are the one whining here. (and mine was meant more as a whimper than a whine )

Read back. I'm totally enjoying the MCU and from the sounds of it a lot more than you! IM2 could have been better, I don't like the aliens in Avengers, I like Cap to have wings on his outfit, I didn't really love them killing Coulson off, I prefer Hulk as a hero. That's about the extent of my nitpicks across the whole series! And most of them are as about as minor as can be. Avengers, Thor & Iron Man are 3 of my favourite comic films. Just in case this is not clear from my 1000s of posts over the last few years on the subject I've written Marvel a letter at the end of this post.

I'm also very happy with all of Marvel's future plans and especially Avengers. I’m going crazy about the prospects of Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver joining. The one thing the MCU is missing is rights to all their characters unlike DC/WB and I'm sure they are even more interested in getting those back than I am in them getting them back.

And the key here. I'm not unhappy with what other posters are saying. You're the one whining about what we are speculating about. You're the one making yourself unhappy about things for no reason but go right ahead. I'll continue to enjoy Marvel’s excellent work and let people post about what they want in relation to it. You can continue to whine about what those people are posting about if you like, which is your right as is ours/theirs to post.

Anyway to be fair to you and your original request, how about we both “grow up” and stop whining? I think I can do it but can you????!!!!!

Letter to Marvel

Marvel I wish to thank you extensively for all the great films you have made during your "Phase 1" Project. You have given me untold hours of enjoyment. I also appreciate all the hard work you have put into them for my benefit. Now good luck with all your existing projects for characters you have the rights to. I may speculate about other characters controlled by Fox and Sony with the likes of Rock Sexton but please don't take this to mean that my appreciation and gratefulness to you is diminished in any way. Thanks!

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