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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Just because she hasn't done any location work yet...?

(a) Her scenes might be shooting later this year. She still has a major TV series to shoot.

(b) Her scenes might be primarily on soundstages (interiors), so there'd be no spypix.

There's nothing to indicate that she's getting "pushed to the side." Just that we haven't seen her *yet.* Nor Redford. Nor Stan. Nor Grillo. Nor whoever that guy is who's playing Batroc.
Didn't Revenge wrap a while ago?

Anthony Mackie described it as a Cap, Falcon and Black Widow teamup. The way he says, it sounds like there sounded like there was very little chance there'll be a fourth member to the ensemble.

And it has been a month and a half. Shooting is at the halfway point. Every time we've seen set pics, it's Chris and Scarlett.

So, while the comics has Sharon joining Steve in the field and fighting at his side, the movie seems going the route of having her somewhere, possibly sticking to HQ, while Natasha is the one to go out and get **** done.

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