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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

I gotta agree. No Mandarin would feel like we've been robbed. I'm not liking the little snippets of news claiming they're looking at possibly Ghost or other Iron Man villains. I know the references in the first Iron Man movie were obscure and intangible, but it was still a connection and it would be a shame if they went after some C-list villain rather than the main one.

Though I gotta agree with VileOne about Stark. He does need to delve into the personal problems a bit more in the third one. Firstly because it will make for a more interesting story arc for his character if we can show just how vulnerable he can get without resorting to the 'no armour = soft squishy flesh' equation. Secondly Iron Man's problems are similar to what Downey has struggled with in the past and he is more likely to be able to draw upon that experience for a better portrayal of Tony Stark at his worst.

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