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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
I never liked Superman: The Movie myself.

While a lot of elements of the film were great (plot, acting, etc.), there was just too many elements that fell flat. Gene Hackman's wonderfully campy Lex Luthor was consistently overshadowed by Ned Beatty's overly campy Otis, and as a result, the lack of a legitimately threatening villain hurt the overall film.

The damn cinematography bugged the hell out of me too. It's just so damn blurry and hazy.
That might be true. What worked in the 70's might not age that well after 30+ years. But then again BB had some good share of problems. Scarecrow, while not a comedy type of villiain was tremendously downplayed and it ended up becoming a baffoon, being defeated in such a shameful unintentionally (?) funny way. And then you have some good share of dialogues that were almost amateurishly written.

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