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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 2

So, let's make a count.

- Xavier (McAvoy)
- Magneto (Fassbender)
- Beast (Hoult)
- Mystique (Lawrence)

- Xavier (Stewart)
- Magneto (McKellen)
- Wolverine (Jackman)
- Storm (Berry)
- Iceman (Ashmore)
- Rogue (Paquin)
- Kitty (Page)

- Omar Sy
- Peter Dinklage

So at least they need some members in 70s, in both Brotherhood and X-Men sides. FC has the right members:
- Banshee (Landry Jones)
- Havok (Till)
- Azazel (Flemyng)
- Emma Frost (Jones)
- Angel Salvadore (Kravitz)
- Riptide (Gonzalez)

They can kill off the last two members in a while or a fight. But in this case justified First Class' final scenes. Then they can or can't go with Moira (Byrne) but these members are needed.

Plus I see (in future) Colossus (Cudmore), Cyclops (Marsden), Angel (Foster), Beast (Grammer), Nightcrawler (Cumming) and, why not, Mystique (Romijn) coming back. But wow, this cast is huge!

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