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Default Re: Oz: The Great and Powerful - Part 1

I give Oz: The Great and Powerful an 8/10. I really liked the 3D scene with the snow right before it turns to color. I loved the way it seemed like it came out of the screen at you like being in real snow. And I thought Michelle Williams looked amazing. I've always thought see was good looking but something about her in this just made me go wow. Rachel Weisz and Mila kunis looked amazing as well. Mila even looked great at the Witch. I agree with a lot of what has already been said. Like I thought the movie moved fast and never really had any real slow points. But I also agree I would have like to have seen more more time for Oscar's and Theodora's relationship as RachelDawes said.

One quest I do have is can Disney do a version of Wizard of OZ of is it compleatly off limits? I read a little about how the rights work but still left me confused.

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