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Default Re: Aquaman needs to happen before Namor.

Leo was badass in Django but still funny, I think they need an ultimate badass like Charlie Hunnam or somebody like that to help audiences take Aquaman seriously. So he looks like a badass King standing there. Different material for his suit. Kind of like the new Superman suit.

I think for an eventual JL 2, get Guillermo Del Toro on board to direct. Especially for John Stewart and Aquaman (Idris Elba & Charlie Hunnam: both in Del Toro's Pacific Rim). Heck Elba can play Manhunter even.

Go from Snyder to Del Toro. Slowly bringing more fantasy & sci-fi into it through these guys. The second one will have more scenes in space & water sequences with the additions of Martian Manhunter and Aquaman so why not.

My vote = Charlie Hunnam. And a solo will no doubt come out before Namor. I don't see Namor happening.

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