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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Your direct words were: "Eh, who knows. No one they've cast in their other movies was super popular. Hemsworth was unknown to most people."

By uttering "popular" and "unknown" in the same response, clearly you draw a parallel between the two.
No, clearly you drew that parallel. To (unnecessarily & ridiculously) break it down:

#1: You implied that the popularity of the actor would factor into who they cast. I said "who knows", because to me popularity didn't seem to factor into their previous casting decisions of a lead character. Iron Man is what revived RDJ's career, so it's not like he was so "popular" at the time. Evans...nuff said.

#2: I further went to say that they might even go for an unknown like they did with Hemsworth.

Yes, but not every black actor within a certain age range meets some of the conditions Chestnut brings to the table.
Obviously we disagree that Chestnut brings so much to the table.

Ahhh so you polled all the youngins. Got it.
Yup. Just like you polled what all women like. Also, I noticed you didn't ask Terry if he polled all of the black moviegoing crowd when he said how insanely popular Chestnut is.

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