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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Lol hi Hmarrs.
nope, not hmarrs but riderishot i've been summon here to witness unnessasary debate on foolishness so i waited for you to show-up now that you re-appeared
my question is: why are you attacking personal opinions??? I grant you ang lee hulk was ok to the few who like it, but dont pre-judge people who don't.
why do people waste time and thought to bagger others opinion?? as i said before parker wayne : ang lee hulk sucks now what the hell your going to do about it?? jack not a damn thing but fill this thread with more hot-air from your back-side. can't stand it when online fanatic debate on stupidity

p.s. everyone has a RIGHT to his or her PERSONAL OPINION logic,dumb,agreeable or not therefore freedom of speech apply.
moving right along
in todays news AVENGERS 2 is set for 2015 "winter soldier" 2014 in the movie BUCKY BARNES will become the new CAPTAIN AMERICA after killing steve rodgers
details @ 11

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